The period to process residence examination has been announced from the Ministry of Justice(from Oct.1st to Dec.31st 2017)

この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 11 分です。

There was a third advance in the following article which I also covered in this blog before.

The first and second results have already been published.

And this time as the third time, it is open from October 1st to December 31st (Autumn) 2017.

If you would like to check published values in detail, please visit the following Ministry of Justice page.

The page of Ministry of Justice「在留審査処理期間(日数)の公表について

PDF version of the report can be downloaded.

Looking at the Web page with this report, it says as follows.

It seems to announce it on the basis of the disposal date every quarter, not every month.

There are four other proviso notes.

  • The results concerning the status of residence of “diplomacy” “official use” will not be announced.
  • This material is a period (until permission is announced) from receipt of an application to permission, not including disposal of disapproval / application withdrawal etc.
  • In the case of applying for extension of period of stay, application for permission to change status of residence, the date of disposition will be at the time of notice of permission (date of arrival at the Immigration Bureau), so the actual examination itself may be shorter than the number of days displayed .
  • Due to the activity you are going to conduct specific activities, the review period will be different.

So, there are some things I noticed, so let’s see.

1.About the average number of days of each residence examination process

Certificate of Eligibility 35.6days(39.2days)

Renew period of stay 29.5days(28.7days)

Change of status of residence 30.4days(29.7days)

The numbers in parentheses are the average value of last summer, July 1 – September 30, 2018 allowed.

Compared to last time and this time, certificate of status of residence status has been shortened by about 3 days, but it seems that it takes time to process for about one day both for period renewal and qualification change.

→They are slightly short compared to spring and summer, but they are shortened.The immigration office is not crowded so much in the fall.

2.About the time of granting a Certificate of Eligibility

By the time of summer, even in the process of applying for a Certificate of Eligibility, “management / management” “skill” “study” “spouse of Japanese,” “spouse of permanent resident, etc.” “Long Term Resident” It took more time to review compared to other status of residence.

Especially during the summer, the acquisition of “study abroad” visa was being processed in a short period of time, but the only review period has been long.(34.4 days→51.7 days)

→Recently, it seems that the fact that the problems of foreign students asked for quality are largely reported is also influenced.

From now on it will be strictly judged.

The review period has been shortened for “skill”.(83.7 days→76.1 days→63.8 days(this time))

“Japanese spouse” “Spouse of permanent resident” “Long Term Resident” The status of residence is “long-term review of stability” is not it?

3.No great difference in the period of stay in the period of stay, depending on the difference in status of residence.

If you do not change your period of stay, renewal will be done with confirmation, so I think there is not much difference.

→There is no change throughout the year that there is no significant difference in the review period of period renewal.

4.Regarding the change of status of residence, the examination period of “Technical Intern Training No. 1” has increased sharply

It has changed form 8.4 days to 58 days. It is a drastic increase, isn’t it?

However, considering that it was 47.8 days in the spring, we can see that the summer 8.4 days was abnormal.

What happened to permission to change in the summer?

5. What is the status of residence “nursing care”

With the establishment of a status of residence “nursing care” on September 1, “nursing care” has also been added to the autumn review period.

The period of receipt of the Certificate of Eligibility was 51 days.

From the average value, it takes about two weeks, but it does not prove to be prominent.

Regarding the change of status of residence, it was 38.8 days and it was a little over the average value.

6. Information regarding permission application for permanent residence:Tokyo Immigration Bureau only

“Permanent residence permit application” used by many customers in our office, but it is not subject to the publication of the period of residence examination processing from this Ministry of Justice.

However, if you are watching the recent move to permanent residence permission application in Tokyo entrance, it is noticeable that it is very late.

So, I called the immigration and asked.

The answer is

→”Everyone who applied for permanent residence permission, we have been waiting for at least 6 months recently.

Recently, there are many foreigners who apply for permanent residence permission, so it takes time to process.

Recently, some customers have acquired this permanent residence permission via our office, but it was just 6 months plus one week.

This is one example, but do not make too much noise, it is important to wait patiently without concern for results.


  • Certificate of Eligibility for Certificate of Eligibility has been shortened by about 3 days, but it seems that it takes time to process the application for about one day for both period renewal and qualification change.
  • In the change of status of residence, “Technical Intern Training No. 1” has increased dramatically, but short term of summer is abnormal value, it seems that autumn returned to normal.
  • “Nursing care” was added to the public announcement from this time. It takes 51 days to issue a Certificate of Eligibility and 38. 8 days to change the status of residence.
  • “Permanent residence permit application” at Tokyo immigration office is not subject to the publication of the period of residence examination processing from the Ministry of Justice, but recently it was a response saying “It takes at least 6 months.” Actually it was.